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  • Fight for flight: Securing wetlands for migratory birds in Kashmir by One World South Asia

    Months of lobbying helped the wildlife department to take over 1400 Kanals of wetland (around 175 acres) in Pampore from the revenue department. Pampore:: In a historic moment for wildlife in Kashmir, the Wildlife Department officially took over 1400 Kanals of wetland (around 175 acres) from the state’s Revenue Department this morning at a small ceremony at Town Hall, Pampore.

  • India, Pakistan and the Snow Leopard by Javed Naqi

    Amongst the lesser known casualties of the conflict between India and Pakistan is wildlife. In times of war, we hear of the loss of human life and property but seldom notice the huge impact on wildlife. Animals found in the vicinity of the disputed India-Pakistan border in Jammu and Kashmir are on the verge of extinction. One such is the snow leopard in the border district Kargil.

  • Conserving Our Endangered Avian Species And Wetlands by Tahir Shawl

    Satellite Telemeters were deployed to study the threatened avian species like Black-necked cranes and Bar-headed geese.The Jammu and Kashmir state has the distinction of being the only state in India where migratory Black-necked crane, the endangered bird species and our state bird; and Bar-headed geese, the highest flying bird ever recorded flying over Mount Everest, breed during summer. They along with some other migratory avian species breed in Ladakh region of the state.