Wetland Conservation Project

Cause progress
The project for the conservation of upland wetlands of Pampore was granted by the Wildlife Trust of India, New Delhi vide letter no. Ref/2011-2012/07 dated 07.09.2011 and endorsed by the Department of Wildlife Protection, J&K Govt. vide letter number WLP/Tech/2617-22/2011 dated 08.08.2011 in favour of Mr. Nadeem Qadri, Environmental Lawyer & Executive Director, WCF.
In this connection the team tried their level best to educate people through awareness camps and inculcated a sense of responsibility towards Wetland Conservation. Information about the wetland conservation was shared amongst locals. Volunteers who on their own, pledged to work for the conservation of the notified Wetlands of Pampore were selected. Responsibilities were shared among them and they were engaged to work together as a responsible team. The awareness programmes in schools have been postponed due to winter vacations.
In addition to this awareness camps were held in all the surrounding villages and people, mostly villagers were apprised of the ill effects of the domestic wastes on the flora and fauna. In these camps people alleged that improper drainage system and inappropriate sanitation systems were the primary reasons that they throw wastes into these water bodies.
During field visits it came to my notice that people had encroached into the wetland. Through our personal interventions and proper legal support from the revenue department, locals were asked not to violate any provisions of the wildlife and other laws. The sign boards have been placed in and around these wetlands for the information of the general public.
A Patrol cum Anti-Poaching Team has been formulated headed by myself and supported by Jalal-ud-Din Shah, Chief Coordinator of Wetland Conservation Project [WCP].
In order to receive daily updates a 24×7 Helpline & Control Room has been established at our Head Office at Pampore and daily monitoring is done from there. Information about poaching, if any, provided by any member from team of volunteers is quickly acted upon.